Best Burger in Town

27 Nov

Lots of places claim it, but this is where I take my parents when they come into town.

Koppe Bridge Bar and Grill is a really cool place. This is one of those places (like Texas Roadhouse) that you can throw your peanut shells on the floor. Some family from England came and wanted a genuine burger, so we took them here. They had a problem throwing the peanut shells on the floor, so I asked one of the staff and she said, “Please do! The more I have to clean up, the more I get paid!” They were OK with making a mess after that.

The burgers are really juicy. Isn’t that another word for greasy? Well, they are. The fries are great. It’s loud in there, so our kids can talk in their normal “loud” voice. My kids all love being allowed to throw peanut shells on the floor too.

Their side of beans are fairly spicy. I really like them but my wife ha a hard time with them. Our “spicy eater” lasts a few bites and then gives up.

We tried the grilled chicken breast sandwich and it was just OK. The chicken tenders for the kids is great.

The burgers are about $6.50.

Free drink refills, televisions always on, and tables with names scratched into them. We found some pretty old names scratched in there. And we were hard pressed to find bad words or things I wouldn’t want my kids to read scratched into them.

I wrote “Emma Loves Sofie” in one of the tables (my two daughters). I thought that would be funny in an “Andy Kaufman” kind of way. It’s probably not funny. Sorry.

Anyway, great place, great service (which is basically order at the front and they’ll call your name when it’s ready), and by far, the best burger in town.

Two locations: Harvey and Welborne



3 Responses to “Best Burger in Town”

  1. Wayne February 19, 2009 at 4:09 am #

    Best burger in town has to go to The Burger House on South College near Villa Maria. Fresh buns made in-house, always fresh vegetables, great value, and atmosphere make it a winner. It’s truly one of the hidden gems in town.

  2. baconlee44 February 19, 2009 at 3:16 pm #

    Cool. I’ll check it out.




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    […] right? That’s Harvey Road. Go East (under HWY 6) and travel for 2 or 3 miles. You will pass Koppe Bridge and C&J’s BBQ on the right. Right after C&J’s, there’s a traffic light. […]

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