College Station Chuys Opening in January

2 Nov

Here’s something funny. My family live in Austin for a while when there was only 2 Chuy’s…the one at Barton Springs and the one at North Lamar. Then we moved to San antonio, and a couple years later, the 1st San Antonio Chuy’s was built. A few years later, we moved here to College Station, and guess what?


COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Chuy’s, an Austin-based Tex-Mex restaurant, will be opening a new location at Post Oak Mall in early 2011. This will be the first location in College Station and the 24th Chuy’s to open its doors since the restaurant began in 1982.

A Texas staple known for fresh ingredients, eclectic décor, and large portions at an affordable price, Chuy’s offers its customers a unique and fun restaurant experience. The College Station location will hire 175 full and part-time team members to ensure unmatched service and food preparation.

“We are truly ecstatic to have finally found our home in College Station,” said Skylar Bell, General Manager of the new location. “We are working incredibly hard to make this location special to the College Station community with a spacious building built from the ground up, plenty of parking and an atmosphere and patio that only Chuy’s can offer.”

The Chuy’s menu offers a variety of Mexican dishes from authentic family recipes from South Texas, New Mexico and Mexican border towns. Features on the menu include Burritos As Big As Yo’ Face, Stuffed Chile Rellenos, the Elvis Presley Memorial Combo and margaritas made with fresh-squeezed lime juice.

Bell emphasizes that Chuy’s is not your average Mexican food restaurant. “We offer so much more than just an incredible dining experience. Where else can you find a happy hour with a free, fully-loaded nacho car available to compliment our weekday drink specials?”

In addition to good food, Chuy’s prides itself on offering a distinctly original atmosphere, displaying everything from a hubcap-covered ceiling to Chuy’s signature shrine to Elvis.

The College Station Chuy’s will be located at 1498 Harvey Road at the Post Oak Mall and will be serving lunch and dinner as well as to-go service. The restaurant is on track for a late January 2011 opening date. Visit and for more information.

So be sure, when this place opens,  to go to their happy hour. Chips and fixin’s while you enjoy their drink specials. Their queso is a contender for the best ever, and their creamy jalapeño dressing is incredible.

I’m hungry.

3 Responses to “College Station Chuys Opening in January”

  1. Daniel Cole November 2, 2010 at 7:01 pm #

    I love me some Chuy’s! I was so glad to hear that they are finally coming to College Station. I go there every time I go to Austin. Creamy jalapeño is a must!

  2. Jeremy December 10, 2010 at 9:00 pm #

    Yummy eats! I hope College Station enjoys it.

  3. Concered May 17, 2011 at 9:23 am #

    Great restaurant too bad they had to Pick Skylar Bell to be manager, he was Bad at Ozona’s and will do same for Chuy’s

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