Santa’s Wonderland – No More Lines

23 Nov

Ask someone who went to Santa’s Wonderland last year, and you’ll probably get a rant about a 4 hour wait on the feeder road. Truth is, that’s what happened. Santa’s Wonderland has become a holiday destination point for Texas residents as well as Locals. And every year, more people visit.

Well, Santa’s Town has made several changes that will essentially eliminate the lines..even on the busiest days.

OK, OK, so I’m sure there will be some lines, but there are options this year that will alleviate some of the waiting.

One thing you can do is buy tickets online, which will make it so that you can go right up to the gate and get right in without having to buy your ticket at the gate. (and save some money)

Another thing they’ve done is implement a “Peak/Non-Peak Evening” system.

They know that the 4 hour waits of last year was not cool. They have made changes this year because they were upset as well about the long waits. They know visitors come to have a good time, not wait in a car for hours.

What they have done is figured out what days have the most people visiting, and called those days “Peak Evening”.

In November, those days are Fridays and Saturdays (and Thanksgiving night).

In December, those days are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (and the whole week from the 20th through to Christmas).

On those Peak Evenings, personal vehicles will not be allowed to drive through the lights trail. You will only be able to take a Hayride or a Horse & Carriage through the trail on Peak Evenings. (Check the website for Horse & Carriage Dates).

So, if all you want to do is drive through the lights in your own car, plan ahead to visit Santa’s Wonderland on a “Non-Peak Evening”, which for the most part is Mondays through Thursdays. Check the site for actual dates.

But honestly, if you don’t plan to go to Santa’s Town, you are missing out. I mean, ok, the Trail of Lights is really fantastic…I agree. They have made some really great enhancements, yes. But I’ve seen it on a Hayride, and it is so much more amazing. It just really captures the feel of the whole experience.

At Santa’s Town, there are live bands every night, 2 bonfires, kettle corn, funnel cakes, Hot Chocolate, Christmas movies, Photos with Santa, a mechanical bull, petting zoo, food…and new this year is MORE FOOD! They have burgers, fajitas, BBQ, Hot Dogs, Kabobs, jarred jams, jellies and salsas, and even a Santa’s Wonderland Coffee brand.

All of this is in Santa’s Town. I am telling you, I wouldn’t miss it.

Here’s what I would do: Buy your tickets online (save a few bucks). Go out on a peak night. Park either at the Santa’s Town Parking Lot or across the HWY at the Jockey Flea Market Lot. Get shuttled over to the park, flash your online tickets, go into the park, grab a kettle corn and a hot chocolate, a Fajita and a burger, then get on the Hayride. Hang out the rest of the night watching Christmas movies and live music.

You can get package tickets online that include Santa’s Town and a Hayride, or Santa’s Town and Horse & Carriage, or just Santa’s Town, etc. Check out their tickets page.

If you haven’t been, get out there this year. It’s really wonderful.

If you have been but are afraid the lines will be too long again, they won’t be.

If you decide to go out to drive through the lights, but realize it’s actually a Peak-Evening, park and check out Santa’s Town. You won’t regret it.

Merry Christmas.

One Response to “Santa’s Wonderland – No More Lines”

  1. Jennifer November 25, 2010 at 3:58 am #

    Awesome write up…I am going to see if I can put this on the review tab for FB…thanks soo much and we appreciate all you continue do for SW….here’s to a wonderful season.

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