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Pictures of the Huge Generator Moving Through College Station

23 Jan

OK, so I am one of the people that went out on the adventure to see the huge Mammoet Generator thing moving through town. I actually got a glimpse of it when it was parked over by Santa’s Wonderland. It’s big. My kids liked it. It looks like it’s pulled by two semi trucks, and it’s got a bunch of wheels.

I wish I had seen it moving.

Anyway, I got some pictures of it. Here you go.

Santa’s Wonderland Launches Cool New Site

17 Aug

I know it’s not the Christmas season yet, but I wanted to write abouta new website just launched by a local attraction that’s been here for over 12 years. It’s pretty much a landmark…especially if you drive by at night during the season.

Santa’sWonderland is that place on HWY 6 on the way to Navasota with all the lights and the Old West looking town. You’re sure to have seen it if you drive by during the Christmas Season. It’s a beautiful site. It’s the most lights I’ve ever seen in one place. They actually made “walls” of lights. Pretty cool. Well, if you haven’t been, you should check it out this year. It’s not open yet, but they will be selling advance tickets pretty soon. They are opening on November 20th.

They asked me to help them work on their website…both the Santa’s Wonderland and the Santa’s Town website. The artwork was created by a Santa’s Wonderland family memeber. It’s really a beautiful site. There’s snow falling, flickering lanterns, photos and all the information you need to learn about Santa’s Wonderland.

They’re scheduling live music, they have a mechanical bull, a petting zoo, and of course, hayrides and vehicle tours through the lights.

They told me they added a bunch more lights this year, and have added some LED lights and worked out some of the parking issues as well.

They have shops, a cafe and so much for the whole family. They even play various Christmas Movies at Santa’s Town. Check out the Santa’s Wonderland website for more information.

We’re still updating some of the pages on the site, so check back for more information. I’ll be writing another post once they schedule the live music events for the season, so stay tuned.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Bridal Show October 5th

2 Oct

I asked my friend Cecilia Rusch to answer some questions for me about the upcoming Bridal Show happening on October 5th in Navasota:

Q: Where and when is the bridal show and how much does it cost?
Sunday, October 5th at Bogart’s Casa Blanca in Navasota, Texas from 12pm – 6pm.  Go to: for address and directions (1302 E. Washington, Navasota, TX).  The cost is $5 perperson but if you will contact me (Cecilia) before hand I can get you a ticket for “free admission,” no strings attached. You can also contact any of the business listed on this flyer and ask for a free admission ticket. (2008-wedding-extravaganza-flyer)

Q: How can I contact you?

Call me at (979) 575-6821 or go to and contact me through the website.

Q: What is your name and what is your company?
Cecilia Rusch – Everlasting Impresions – wedding consultation, coordination & more

Q: What will you be presenting at your booth?
Information on my services and packages; how a wedding planner can help make your wedding day more relaxing and stress free. I’ll have brochures for you to take home with you.

Q: What is a Bridal Show?
A Bridal Show is where many different vendors gather to offer the Bride and her family the opportunity to get information on all different needs for her wedding under one roof.

Q: We haven’t set a date yet, should I still go?
Most definitely!  There is no better way to begin getting information for planning and no time like the present to begin thinking about the things that will make your wedding day memorable.

Q: Who are some of the vendors that will be there?
Everlasting Impressions,
Cafe’ M. Bloomer’s,
Nolen’s formal Apparel,
Pure Elegance,
Brazos Valley Bed & Breakfast Association,
Premeiere Bride Magazine,
Fountain View Salon
Tim Harris Photography
YaYa’s Floral
D & D Limousine
Brazos Valley Bride
The Corner Cafe
Cottage Travel
And More…

Q: Is there a particular vendor that you suggest I make sure and visit while I’m there?
Of course, don’t forget to stop by my booth, “Everlasting Impressions” to get more info on what I can do for you, the busy Bride, and find out how I will make your wedding planning days a breeze.  I also highly recommend Bogart’s, the host of the show, for a quaint, intimate wedding day setting.  If I were you, I would plan on coming early so as to get to visit each and every vendor and find out all the great things they have to offer.

Q: Who should I take with me?
The best person for you to bring with you would be the one giving you the most help planning your wedding, be it your mother, mother-in-law or Maid of Honor.  Of course you could just bring them “all” and make a day of it!  It’s much more fun that way. Have an early lunch in downtown Navasota or try the Cafe in Martha’s Bloomers on HWY 6, and then come on over to Bogart’s to enjoy a delightful Sunday afternoon.

Q: Will everything needed for a wedding be represented at the bridal show? (ie. Consultants, DJs, Catering, Cake Bakers, Floral, Photographers, Dresses, Travel)
Yes. Granted this is a small and intimate Bridal show which gives you more opportunity for one on one time with vendors, but there may not be as many vendors as an extravaganza in a larger city.  As I said before, because of the size, there is more probability for you to get better time and better information out of vendors.  Be sure to also get your tickets for the 2009 Spring Bridal Show in College Station, Texas at:

Q: Will there be a Justice of the peace there so I can get married right there?

Q: What was your wedding like?
It was a glorious December day in Texas.  Out of doors at ‘The Antique Rose Emporium‘ in Independence, Texas.  The sky could not have been more blue that day!  We said our vows the in a gazebo right outside of the amazing rose gardens that A.R.E. have to offer.  We then had a quaint reception, with light hors d’ouvres, in an early 1900s style home there on the A.R.E. property.  To our delight, we had a jet waiting to take us way a few miles up the road at the Brenham Airport near the “Southern Flyer.”

(Side note: if you’ve never been to the Southern Flyer in Brenham, Texas at the Brenham airport you’re missing out.  When you get a chance head out there have nice meal at their 50s style cafe and tell Jack that “Prototype” sent you)

When we landed at the Dallas airport in our ‘private’ jet there was yet another surprise, a white ‘stretch – limo’ awaited to take us to our wedding day suite in Grapevine, Texas…our one bedroom apartment.  I had lovingly placed roses all over the apartment before we came back to College Station for the wedding.

We then flew the next day to “Burlington, Vermont” and then took a cab to “Smuggler’s Notch Resort” which would become fondly known to us “Snuggler’s Notch.”  We spent one week there before flying back to Dallas to spend Christmas with our family.

Q: Would you get married again…just so you can plan it?
YES! I am dearly in love with my husband but, forgive me, I can’t help but think about planning another wedding.  Trends and styles change so much from year to year and there are ever so many things that I would love to have had at my own wedding or to plan personally for another wedding.

Q: What do you love most about weddings?
The dress!  I would have to say my favorite part of the wedding is the gown which the Bride has no doubt spent countless hours searching for.  She finally has the perfect fit and looks expectantly to the Groom as she walks down the aisle, father on her arm and waits for her beloved’s approving eye as he encounters her for the first time.  There is also something about the Bride and Groom, as they begin to realize the vows that they are to make to each other; vows of a forever love…

Q: Is there anything I should bring?
Yes, a sturdy bag for carrying brochures, handouts etc… and a note book to jot down any ideas you may get for you wedding day while at the Bridal show.

Q: Will there be any cake to eat?

Yes, don’t forget to stop by, “Cakes by Blondie.”

Q: How can I learn more about your company?
Please visit my website: and/or call me at: (979) 575-6821

Thank you Cecilia for answering these questions. Sounds like loads of fun.


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